3 Advantages of Being a Woman in the Workplace

During the pandemic, more than 80% of women dropped out of the workforce. Many were forced out due to childcare responsibilities when schools and day care centers were shut down. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 227,000 jobs were lost in December 2020, with women losing 196,000, or 86.3%.

However, there are a lot of advantages of being a woman in the workplace. More and more employers are realizing the strengths women bring to the office. Companies like IBM, General Motors, and The Hershey Company have all employed female CEOs. There are more women at the helm of Fortune 500 companies than any other time in history.   

One of the biggest advantages companies are realizing is that women tend to foster a more inclusive workplace. Women don’t run businesses as a “one-man show”. They tend to get along with others, communicate more effectively, and work collaboratively for the benefit of the company. 

Because of women’s unique role in the home environment, women also tend to have better work-life balance. Women favor flexible work schedules, work-share programs, and work-from-home opportunities. When women are leading an organization, they share these values in the workplace. 

So what are the advantages of being a woman in the workplace? Here are my top three.

  • Women spark creativity.

Women tend to enjoy a wider range of activities than men. For example, women may take an art class or dance lessons after work. They are more apt to explore their creative side. This carries over into the workplace. Women are better equipped to come up with creative solutions to problems at work. Additionally, women add diversity to the workplace which also sparks creativity. A diverse workplace brings together different points of view. Differing viewpoints are necessary to solve problems. 

  • Women are better at problem solving. 

Women tend to be more perceptive. They pick up on different forms of communication including visual, verbal, and emotional cues. Women tend to be more intuitive and sensitive. Because women are able to pick up on non-verbal communication more readily than men, they are better at addressing workplace concerns or problems. Women have better listening skills and often serve as mediators in conflict resolution 

  •  Women create a feeling of togetherness. 

Women are better at team building than men. They work well in groups for the benefit of the company. Women have a better way of making teammates feel like their role is important and the contribution is valued. This creates a sense of purpose for employees and increases comradery. Team building increases office morale. One study found that happy employees are 20% more productive than unhappy employees. 

Younger generations are favoring companies that are purpose driven, offer flexible schedules, and foster a team environment. Women promulgate these effects due to their innate nature. Companies that hire more women in management roles are perceived as having higher status. Those companies are viewed as more reputable over companies that do not hire women in leadership roles. 

Even with the advantages women bring to the workplace, we have a long way to go to equality. If you’re a woman, know this. You have a tremendous value in the workforce. Your talent and ability to incorporate soft skills into your work are unmatched by your male counterparts. 

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