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Clickfunnels Pricing Review For 2019

Clickfunnels is on its way to being the biggest revolution in digital marketing, restoring the ability for small brands to compete with multinational brands in converting a sale from both cold and warm traffic.What is a funnel?

A funnel is the customers journey into your business eco-system, whether it means having them visit your “website,” or having them visit a brick and mortar location with the intention of a free experience that eventually warms a cold lead into a sale, and another sale, and another sale. It does this by presenting your offer in a way that is designed to effectively build trust and value with your client and sell to them as efficiently—and valuably— as possible.

What Would You Use Clickfunnels For?

Perhaps you’re a lawyer and you want more clients. This means coming up with a landing page (thanks, Clickfunnels) that you can send them to, where they’d give their email in exchange for a free asset of incredible value… Perhaps this is a guide, a free e-course, a downloadable audio—you name it.

For example, we have a funnel selling our 75 minute Resume Training for only $7 (which is incredibly valuable and can be viewed here). This starts with a landing page that offers a free XYZ (lead magnet), after which they register and get invited to purchase our training. However, what’s juicy about this is that we also offer an opportunity on the same order form the option to purchase the Interview training module for an additional $37 (also a discounted rate) on something called an “order bump.” See on the image below and link here:

By doing this, we are marketing the resume training at an unbelievable price of $7 to get people in the door and recoup our ad budget, but also have the ability to make a profit on our ad spend by selling the interview training as well for that extra $37.

In our research, over 1/3 of our purchases will include the order bump. Not bad! As you can see, what starts with a free offer escalates into a sale where the customer goes from total stranger to hot lead. Those who don’t buy have still entered our business eco system, making them a warm lead.

Once someone places the order, we are then given the opportunity to present a “One-Click-Upsell,” where we give our customers one last opportunity to add one more item to their cart, typically one that is ancillary to our original offer they invested in. As an example, you can sell a subscription to group calls of $37/month (or much more/less), or in our case, a resume rewrite for a one time offer of $197. Clickfunnels automatically saves the buyers order information from the sale of the resume, making it easier for the buyer to then purchase our second offer for $197, without having to enter in their order information again.

If the buyer does not take the offer (by selecting “No Thanks”), Clickfunnels allows us to create a “Downsell”, where you offer something else as a one-click upsell, that is at a lower price than the first one-click-upsell offer. As an example, if you are selling a $37/month subscription to group calls, and someone says no, you can do a “Downsell” of giving someone a 30 day trial for $1, and then $37/month thereafter.

You can have as many “Upsells” and “Downsells” as you want, and meanwhile you were just advertising a $7 product, where customer acquisition costs are going to be lower than selling a $197 resume rewrite directly.

Clickfunnels also allows you to create a membership platform (my example below), where you can add a specific membership to someone’s email after they purchase.

As an example, if john@gmail.com purchases my resume training and interview training, (image below), I am able to correlate those 2 purchases to the membership platform by “restricting access” to the product that your buyer purchased.

And if the buyer chooses later on to purchase another course, as long as they use the same email, then the membership area will automatically grant that user access to the new course/purchase.

Clickfunnels also gives you the ability to set up an email automation. If you are running a webinar, you can set up the entire performance through Clickfunnels, from an Evergreen webinar (a presentation that shows no sign of date or time so that it can run at any time of day or year) every 15 minute webinar, to a weekly live webinar. Both you can easily include automated emails based on how long the person was in the webinar for, if they saw your offer, missed your webinar, or purchased.

What Makes Clickfunnels Different Than Leadpages?

Clickfunnels claims that the marketer that can spend the most acquiring a customer wins. Leadpages does not give you the ability to offer order bumps, upsells, or downsells. This is a massive lose for users, as the upsells, downsells, and order bumps grant us with an ability to bring in more money per sale. It also can serve as your webinar software, email software, membership platform, and web host (all in one!) saving your business hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.

What if you don’t have an offer?

Clickfunnels has an incredible community of some of the most successful funnel builders and digital marketers in the industry that can help you along the way. If you currently don’t have something you want to promote, you can create a business of promoting Clickfunnels and other people’s offers. As an example, you could promote someone’s course that sells for $500, and pick up $250 (or 50% affiliate fee) for every time you make a sale. You can find offers like this through clickbank.com or Clickfunnels Backpack, which is included in the $297/month price.

Like this post, you can also become a Clickfunnels Affiliate, where you advertise Clickfunnels and get the word out of how this software is revolutionizing the industry. For every sign up you get on Clickfunnels, you get 1/3 (may change). They also have 10 other things you can offer.

What are the ways to get started?

 You can sign up through our affiliate link here for a FREE 14 day trial. It is $97/month after that. The $297/month offer is for people that also want to use Clickfunnel’s inhouse email automation system Actionetics:

Clickfunnels For $37!

Although Clickfunnels only offers two subscription plans – $97/month and $297/month –by using this trick below you can get it for $37/month.

First, you need to create a Clickfunnels free account

Click Here To Create Your Free Account 

Sign up for the 14 day free trial for $97/month, and then go to cancel your account.

This just a trick…you are not actually canceling your account. Go to Account –> Account Billing –> Cancel My Account –> Cancel My Subscription.

When you click cancel my subscription, you will be offered the following 3 funnels:

  • $37/month Personal Plan– Build up to 5 funnels, with no more than a 20 combined pages, and not to exceed 5,000 visitors/month.
  • $67/month Bootstrap Plan– Build up to 5-10 funnels, 50 pages, 10,000 visitors/month.
  • $9/month Pause– If you started building out your funnels but need to take some time away, pause your account. Your subdomains, pages, and funnels, will all be “paused”, and you can come back to them as soon as you start paying again.

Warning: The price points and offers above may change at any time.

As an added perk, everyone who buys Clickfunnels from us will also get a FREE TUTORIAL from my head of marketing on how we use it, and how you can too! Just email support@ashleystahl.com with the subject Clickfunnels Tutorial, and we will get back to you!

One Funnel Away Challenge:

If you need more information on how to design your funnel, present your offer, and acquire traffic, you can join the One Funnel Away Challenge for $100. I can promise that if you are serious about building your funnel, it will be the best $100 you can spend.

If you have any questions on how Clickfunnels can benefit your business, send an email to support@ashleystahl.com. The links above are affiliate links for Ashley International.

CLICK HERE to unlock Ashley’s free online course to launch a service-based business!

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