Deep thoughts from the nightclub (and an audio from me to you)

“DJ Mustard is playing in Hollywood tonight. We NEED to go. Be ready in 20 minutes.”

I said this to my friend Lara with an odd blend of desperation and authority.

She looked at me like I was insane, and then abruptly threw on her Sunday night’s best.  I then called my friend Lisa with the same sense of urgency over the phone (“Lisa, what are you going to do with your night? SLEEP? Come on….”). Lisa ditched her pajamas and was en route to Lara’s 10 minutes later.

I don’t know what came over me (and I randomly made an audio to take this conversation deeper with you—I hope you like it!). …Sometimes you just need to dance.

The dichotomy of their serious careers and their absurd dance moves at the nightclub had me laughing…After all, Lisa is a partner in a high-level coaching academy for executives, and Lara works in the Emergency Room at a hospital.

(I was the funkiest of them all… People tell me I look like an air puppet from a car dealership when I dance).

As we danced to Tupac (seriously), I thought about my identity as yours truly— this “polished” career coach… And a question came over me:

Why are we so limited in the identity that we hold for ourselves? 

I thought about all the identities that I hold for myself (and couldn’t help but discuss them in my audio—click here to tune in):

Sister. Friend. Girlfriend. Coach. Student. Writer. Speaker. Counterterrorism professional. Francophile. Buyer of chunky knit sweaters. Lover of lattes and cupcakes. 

Why do I confine myself to these identities in such a strong way? I’m so much more than them (deep thoughts as I was dancing—it is so weird to be me sometimes).

I looked up at Lisa, smiled, and asked, “Will you take DJ lessons with me?” She laughed and said “yes” as if I asked her the most obvious questions in the world. We joked that we’re both Gemini’s and our DJ name could be G2. …

Ridiculous, but we actually meant it.

It was then that the reminder struck me: I’m not what I do. I’m not my results. I’m not what people tell me I am. I’m not the experience people have of me (that’s based on their beliefs)… 
I’m just a divine being having a human experience.

Deep down, I don’t identify as a digital marketer, yet here I am on the Internet with a business focused on it. Deep down, I don’t identify as a counterterrorism professional, yet there I was working for the Pentagon, up to my eyeballs in terror (literally).

This brought me to an incredibly existential question: why am I here?

To me, that’s the only thing that I feel clear on: I believe that I am here to connect with you. I feel alive when I write, and I feel alive when I connect.

Why are you here? What is your purpose?

Love you,


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