Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whether coaching is a fit for me?

Great question! We are proudly not for everyone! My focus is in helping clients find their purpose, land more job offers, launch thriving businesses and develop their leadership skills. I take my coaching seriously! Having a coach is a sacred experience, and thus I pick my clients as carefully as they pick me. My biggest business practice is only in taking on people I’m confident that I can help, and for that reason, will refer clients out if the chemistry isn’t there (or if your needs lay outside of my expertise). However, my clients rage from all ages and chapters of their careers, from marketing managers, to doctors, to NFL athletes, fashion models and more!

My services are age neutral, gender neutral and industry neutral, as I teach a skill set that can be applied to all circumstances. These clients are looking to reach one of five goals:

(1) Clarity on their career purpose. This goes very deep in private coaching, as Ashley asks transformational questions in her mentorship to get to the bottom of who you truly are– and how to wrap a career around that person inside of you. However, if you absolutely need a more affordable option, we recommend the Career Clarity Lab e-course here. We understand that not everyone is ready to invest in private coaching.

(2) More job offers. Ashley largely offers this training through her Job Offer Academy e-course here, though clients occasionally will reach out to Ashley for private mentorship in this category.

(3) Up-leveling their career leadership and confidence. This mindset coaching is Ashley’s favorite, as she believes that your outer reality (your job, results and life) is a reflection of your inner reality (your emotions, belief system, etc.).

(4) Launching their service-based business or personal brand to get clients. Ashley privately mentors many new coaches and service providers on how to monetize their business and establish a personal brand that attracts a lot of media and clients. That being said, we know that not everyone is ready to invest in private business coaching! That’s why she created the Business Launch Mastermind e-course here. 

(5) Scaling their business online through e-courses and passive revenue. This is available only through private coaching.

Her opinion? For clarity on your best career path, upgrading your mindset, or launching a business, invest in private coaching if you can!

For job hunting, her Job Offer Academy is worth the investment; save your pennies and invest in this before you invest in private coaching. If you do leap into the course and later decide to step into private coaching with her, she’ll refund you for the course.

My clients are educated, high-functioning and committed to their own growth.

Here’s some rough data on my clients:

Women: 70%
Men: 30%

Age 25 or below……… 17%
Ages 26-35……………. 40%
Ages 36- 45……………. 28%
Ages 46-55…………….. 14%
Ages 55+………………….1%

Clarity Coaching……………… …….25%
Job Hunt Coaching…………………..30%
Confidence Coaching……………… 10%
Business Launch Coaching……… 25%
Online Marketing Coaching …….. 10%

Clients based in the European Union…… 25%
Clients based in Asia…………………. 5%
Clients based in the United States…………… 70%

(Fun fact! Almost one-third of our USA-based clients are New Yorkers!)

Refer to each client profile below to see if Ashley International, Inc. is the right fit for you (it’s not one-size-fits-all, but the profiles do provide a general roadmap of where things will go):

What do your coaching programs look like?

It depends on the program that meets your needs. If you’re not ready to invest in private coaching (which starts at $4,200), we recommend an affordable e-course:

The Career Clarity Lab e-course is here to help you determine the best career path for you– and upgrade your confidence!

The Job Offer Academy e-course is here to help you land a new job you love.

The Business Launch Mastermind e-course is here to help you launch your service based business into the six figure mark.

Job hunters often opt to join the Job Offer Academy e-course, as it’s affordable and a potent step-by-step process for those who simply want more job offers. Ashley recommends the e-course path instead of private coaching when it comes to the job hunt, because this course is so comprehensive! In this program, clients get 8 video training modules, 4 tutorials on how to leverage social media for your job hunt and a downloadable workbook for each module. In fact, the JOA course comprises more than 10 hours of step-by-step trainings to land a new job you love.

Private coaching with Ash is a 2-6 month commitment, during which you will also have access to email support within 3 business days as well as any of Ashley’s e-courses you’d like… This relationship is a game-changer, and she takes it really seriously. In fact, Ash only privately support clients who are “all-in” and serious about creating results (it’s fun to watch them fly!!).

Ash works with a limited amount of private clients each month, and there’s often a waitlist for this. Request a consult here to see you’re a match!

How long does career coaching take?

It depends on your unique needs!

If you’re looking for clarity on your purpose, business coaching, confidence coaching, or leadership coaching, you’d be best served by Ashley’s private coaching! You can apply for a consultation for private mentorship here. She hasn’t offered one-on-one coaching services for over 2 years, and after running our Job Offer Academy e-course curriculum with more than 5,000 customers, I’m so excited to get back to my roots! I deeply missed 1:1 connection.

I normally work with clients for 2-5 months in a package of 5-12 sessions. It’s usually five sessions if you’re working on clarity or mindset, and 12 sessions if you’re launching a business Sessions range from 45-60 minutes, depending on the package. All options include a tailored reading list, email support, strengths assessment, personalized plan to reach your goals and so much more!

While I, or an in house coach, can work with you on your job hunting skills, the best and most affordable option (in my biased eyes!) is my e-course, the Job Offer Academy. It’s affordable, packed with more than 10 hours of video trainings, and takes you from writing a stand out resume and building your networking strategy to acing your job interviews and negotiating a killer salary… In recent survey of clients in the Lab, 84% of respondents said they’d recommend the program to a friend (I’m so proud of that!). CLICK HERE to learn about my Job Offer Academy e-course.

If you have additional questions and/or concerns about the Job Offer Academy e-course, I encourage you to email my customer service team at

Will you find me a job?

Sorry, no! This is not my role.

I believe in masterful facilitation—I strive to coach you on the tools you need to uplevel your own career. I believe that the match of a committed person and a mentor who has great facilitation skills and strategies is a game changer… I’m here to empower you with tools and insights that help you up-level in a really big way. If you’re looking to land a new job, my goal is to take the guesswork out of job hunting by providing you with clear, concise, actionable direction.

If you’re looking to find your purpose, my goal is to ask you great questions, process your answers, and provide you with a short list of viable career options that excite you (along with an action plan we devise!). If you’re looking to launch a new business, I want to show you how to land new clients and lots of press coverage.

Coaching with me is an excellent investment only if you’re willing to put in the hard work to get the big results. I do not recommend it with me (or anyone, truly!) if you’re not feeling 100% committed to your goals. In fact, I won’t let you hire me if I sense you are not fully committed. It’s all in the name of service!

Where do sessions take place?

Ashley’s job hunting course (Job Offer Academy e-course) methodology has helped more than 5,000 clients in 30 countries, and she’s privately coached more than 300 clients on a 1:1 basis. Their ages range from 18 to 67 years old– and their careers are just as diverse! Ashley’s private coaching sessions take place 100% over phone, or Skype if you’re outside of the United States. However, if you’re based in the Los Angeles area and you’d prefer to meet in person, you can agree on that as well!


What is your training?

I’m a big believer that the best coaches get their skills through apprenticing high-level coaches—and that’s exactly what I’ve done… I’ve spent more than $650,000 (literally, you read that right!) on being coached by some of the best names in the business, including leaders like Jay Abraham. Great coaches stretch us into new levels of ourselves, and it’s through seeing our own blind spots as coaches that we have learned to coach others to see theirs.

How do I schedule my complimentary consultation?

For the first time in years, Ashley is personally accepting new clients!

If you’d like to inquire about working together in a private coaching approach, please fill out the form here. The consultation is an opportunity for us to determine whether you are the right fit to work together.


Do you work with clients who reside outside of Los Angeles?

Yes! Our clientele is global! Rough estimates are below:

Clients based in the European Union…… 25%
Clients based in Asia…………………….…………. 5%
Clients based in the United States…….… 70%

Do you work with a certain industry in particular?

The skills that I teach are gender-neutral and industry-neutral. It’s all about my connection with my client and the goal they’re looking to reach. I’m very honest, so I will always go into consultations with the mindset that we are making sure the fit is right. If it’s not, I will be proactive about recommending someone else if I can!

In the same week, I’ve coached marketing managers, Victoria’s Secret models, administrative assistants, celebrities, doctors, lawyers and mathematicians.

…Keeps things interesting!

Do you accept insurance?

No, but coaching is usually tax deductible. Definitely ask your accountant about this! FYI- the company is an Inc., so if you’re a business client, let your accountant know that.