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Top 4 Highest Paying Home Jobs That Pay Six Figures

Way back in 2019 many employees found the idea of remote work, well, remote. Then 2020 happened. Pandemic inspired lockdowns shifted many professionals from in-office to work-from-home. It had its challenges. Yet over the course of the year, many discovered they preferred it. Remote work eliminated arduous commutes and office distractions. Some found it saved them money as well –– all those lunches and lattes combined with commuting costs add up quickly. To longtime remote workers, none of this was surprising. A study a few years ago found that 82% of remote workers said working away from the office reduced their stress levels.


As vaccinations returned many communities to normal, some continued working remotely while other companies pursued a hybrid model with mandatory in-office days.  Some businesses demanded workers return to the office immediately If you’ve been working from home and want to keep doing it, you may need a career shift. If you’ve never tried remote work but think it’s something you would enjoy, there are numerous jobs that pay better than most office work. Here are the top four highest paying home jobs

1. Legal Careers


Thanks to high-speed internet and a suite of legal software, it’s possible to have a high-paying legal career without every going into an office. Paralegals can upload court documents, draft demand letters and fulfill a range of functions while working from home. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median salary for paralegals at around $52,000 a year with some making  over six-figures.


Many attorneys including in-house counsel for corporations, personal injury lawyers, and numerous sole practitioners work from home. Across the board, the average U.S. attorney earned $122,000 in 2019. This makes it easily among the highest paying home jobs.You’ll likely need to maintain a nice office space for client meetings –– although some use co-working spaces. Depending on the specialty home-based attorneys may also need to go to court from time-to-time but that’s not the same as going into the office.


2. Medical Careers


As much as technology has made working from home possible for lawyers it’s been even more crucial for remote medical professionals. Transcriptionists who listen to audio recordings of healthcare workers and transform them into written reports have long been able to do their job remotely. They average around $35,000 a year. On the other end of the pay and training scale, doctors can often work from home. The 2020 pandemic was a huge leap forward in telemedicine –– Medicare, Medicaid and many private insurers began reimbursing for telemedicine appointments. The number of patients accessing doctor’s services remotely increased by 50%. Of course you can’t perform surgery remotely (not yet anyway) but there are a host of services doctors can provide from their home. 


Psychologists and psychiatrists also benefited as patients began video conferencing –– which greatly expanded their potential client roster (although most services require state licensing –– limiting the ability to reach clients across borders.) Pharmacists can also work from home, reviewing prescriptions, processing requests, and doing many of the tasks that have traditionally been done in a pharmacy.


3. Editing and Writing


Perhaps an unsurprising item considering the huge amount of written online content but creative professionals are among the highest paying home jobs. The pay range is huge with some bloggers getting only a few dollars per post while others earn six-figure incomes. Clicks are the key –– the more eyeballs attracted to your post the better chance it will be profitable. You can also earn income from affiliate links. If you recommend a product or service and a reader clicks on its link, you earn a commission. 


Ad agency jobs can also be remote –– copywriters in particular can work anywhere. With millions of books being self-published every year the need for skilled editors is no surprise. Whether you work for individuals on a freelance basis or are on staff at a publishing company, there’s little reason to go into the office when the job only requires a laptop and a particular set of skills. 


4. Tech Jobs


Although some careers in IT require in-office personnel, many do not. Remote data scientists do everything from gathering data to interpreting statistics –– often working with companies or other IT pros.


Landing the ideal remote job isn’t easy but nothing worthwhile ever is. With careful planning, cultivation of your skills, and self-promotion you can become a successful remote worker. 


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