How to be Successful in a New Job | 5 Tips to Succeed

Starting a new job is stressful. I can remember laying out my first-day-on-the-job outfit the night before and setting three alarms just to make sure I wouldn’t be late! How to be successful in a new job is a mindset.

Imagine you’re already successful. Afterall, you’ve done the hard work already – you landed the job. Congratulations! If you need more, follow these pointers to be successful in your new job

Introduce yourself – to everyone! No one wants to be the person no one knows. Take charge from the beginning by saying hi. Practice the opening lines of your introduction so you’re prepared. Be mindful that you don’t interrupt anyone to make your introduction. And do what you can to remember the names of your co-workers. 

Still feeling a bit shy. Ask your boss to make introductions for you or allow you some time at the beginning of your first office meeting to introduce yourself. Find similarities with the people you meet – do you both love baseball and apple pie?  

Find an ally. Develop a trusted relationship with at least one of your colleagues. Having camaraderie will smooth over the new-job jitters. Research shows camaraderie increases productivity and profitability. The 2013 State of Friendship report shows that one in three adults met one of their closest friends at work. 

Step up. Don’t be afraid to make coffee, unjam the copier, or offer a helping hand. Just be sure you also set boundaries. You don’t want to be the copy girl for the tenure of your career. The point to stepping up is adding value to your work environment. Just as you don’t want to be held solely responsible for making the coffee, you also don’t want to be known as the girl that takes the last cup.  

Set healthy boundaries early. I don’t recommend showing up on day one with a list of what you will and will not do – unless you really want to go back on the job hunt. If you set an example of always working on weekends, guess what? You’ll always work on weekends. This includes answering emails from your boss. One great way to avoid answering emails over the weekend is to set up an autoresponder letting people know that you’re out of the office for the weekend but will return all emails Monday morning. Stay true to the job described in your interview. If you’re required to be available on weekends, then you need to be. If, on the other hand, your duties were confined to Monday through Friday, answering emails on Saturdays will ultimately redefine your workweek. The same is true for the things you do around the office. Just remember, there is a difference between stepping up and setting boundaries. 

Seek out the positive people. A recent Gartner survey found that 46% of employees are unhappy in their jobs. Undoubtedly, you will come across a disgruntled employee. Be respectful but choose to associate with positive people. You don’t want your first week to be tainted nor do you want to be known as an unhappy employee from day one. Surrounding yourself with positive people will lift your spirits. You’ll see possibilities rather than stumbling blocks. 

These are just a few of tips on how to be successful in a new job. Of course the obvious courtesies apply in the workplace just as they do in the real world: don’t interrupt, ask questions and allow time for a response, don’t talk too much, and follow generally accepted good communication rules. 

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