How To Get A Raise Without Asking For One | 5 Proactive Steps

Promotions are few and far between. Maybe that is because employers feel like everyone has one foot out the door. I really don’t know. But what I do know is how you can make a difference in the company you work for and how that might just lead to an unexpected raise. 

You work hard, you’re not late, and you meet all of your deadlines. You want to get noticed or move on. In fact, Surveys found that 25% of people leave their jobs for higher pay. But there is a way to get a raise without asking for one. 

I will show you how to get a raise without asking in five simple steps. Of course, it’s not guaranteed, but it’s worked for my clients and it can work for you. 

Step 1: Embrace professional development. Move beyond professional development. To “wow” your boss, learn everything you can about the company and the industry you’re working in. When you do this, you will learn why what you’re doing matters.  

Step 2: Bring your mistakes to the light. This is more than owning up to your mistakes. When you make a mistake – we all do, we’re human – bring it to your supervisor’s attention. Tell your boss about your mistake and offer a solution. Or tell your boss what steps you’ve already taken to mitigate your error. 

Step 3: Pre-empt questions. Employees often answer questions as they’re asked. Instead, pre-empt the questions. Stay one step ahead. Anticipate what questions will come up. Send regular updates to your manager. You will save them time and energy being one step ahead of the questions. 

Step 4: Seek training. Instead of waiting for your boss to send you to a training course or workshop, find out what’s available that would make you more marketable in your current role. Think about what your company’s needs are and pre-empt those by getting the qualifications you need. Fortunately, there are a lot of online classes available including many free options. 

Step 5: Be proactive. Seek out things that need to get done and do them. Resolve conflicts. Step in to help meet deadlines. Being proactive means being aware of what is going on in your department and being ready to lend a helping hand. 

In addition to these steps, continue to work on interpersonal relationships and communication. Learn conflict resolution skills and how to remain calm under deadlines or other crises. Show respect for your coworkers and yourself. 

This is just a guide to help you get a raise without asking for one. At the very least, when it comes time for promotions, your name will be at the top or at least a lot closer to the top of the list. 

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