On Being Your Best

“I want a guy who is at his best: funny, successful, kind, loves his career, takes good care of himself…”

My friend’s list went on, and I finally interrupted her:

“OKAY, great. But are YOU all of those things? Are YOU at your best?”

She looked at me baffled… And then she surrendered.

“No. I’m not at my best. I gave up on the gym. I hate my job…”

The point was clear: why do we ask people to be things for us that we are not willing to be for ourselves?

This is Law of Attraction 101, but it’s also just Life 101… And it’s why I’m always working so hard on myself. Because I want the best out of life, and I know that getting the best starts with BEING your best.

Walking the walk hurts so much sometimes. But you deserve as much as you’re willing to do for you.

Ouch, right?


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