On disconnection


I’ve been feeling a bit disconnected lately. So in true Ash fashion, I made an audio about it.

Disconnected from this business.
Disconnected from some friendships.
Disconnected from myself.

Whenever I get disconnected, I watch my thoughts rush in…

Should I leave this relationship? I don’t feel connected.

Should I quit this business? I don’t feel inspired.

Should I move out of this apartment? I’m bored.

And in those moments—listening to my thoughts— I realized something so profound…

Disconnection is not necessarily an invitation to end or leave something; it’s an invitation to go deeper.

Why? Because it starts with your relationship with yourself. I can only connectas much with the world as I am willing to connect with myself… Point blank.

I talk about this in my audio!

SO when you’re disconnected, the question is NOT “should I leave?”… The question is truly: “Where can I deepen? What’s this really about?”

Is there somewhere in your life that you feel disconnected? I invite you to go deeper. I hope you enjoy tuning in!

I love you,


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  1. I experience “disconnect” in the form of dissociation as a result of my anxiety disorder. That’s always a fun time.

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