On Worry

Have you ever started a new job or venture, only to find yourself in constant worry about how you’re doing? It’s as though every step you take, you’re nearly paralyzed by fear.

I’ve been there. And I get it…

In fact, when I started my coaching business years and years ago, I would always walk away sessions taking mental notes on how I thought I did.

Did I help them? Check.

Did they walk away with their next steps in mind? Check.

Am I good enough for this? Uhhh… (Hello, tailspin)

But here’s what I realized: when you’re in a state of worry, you’re too focused on yourself… And in that head space, you cannot really be of true service to anyone in the world…

So what’s this all mean? Next time you’re worrying, take it as an invitation to stop focusing on you.

Don’t make it about you. Make it about everyone else. In that head space, you’ll make a real difference in the world.

Cheers to being present.



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