9 Rules To Calm The Chaos and Make Time for What Matters with Laura Vanderkam

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Do you live a calm life?

This week Ash sits down with Laura Vanderkam, a writer, author, and speaker, to share insight on work-life balance, productivity, and time management.

The average American has worked an extra hour per day since the pandemic. This adds up to almost being a part-time job. Laura shares tools to hack your time back and bring balance into your life. These rules are simple and actionable.

Do you struggle to create peaceful moments in your life or find that life is stacked with one stressful day after another? Laura is here to help you bring tranquility into your life. This episode is magical, practical and completely filled with valuable reminders of how to live.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • 9 ways to calm the cause and make time for what matters.
  • How To Gain Control of Your Freetime
  • When you should go to bed and why.
  • A planning strategy to execute your goals – personal and work.
  • How to enjoy effortful fun, effortless fun, and everything in between.


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