Ashley Stahl

Building Deeper Connections With Jayson Gaddis

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This week, Ashley Stahl sits down with Jason Gaddis, renowned author, speaker, and relationship expert, to discuss the importance of availability in meaningful relationships.

Jayson and Ash detail how curiosity, proper listening, and an awareness of emotional patterns can contribute to deeper connections. Jason explains the concept of ‘availability,’ the impact of the pandemic on relationships, unhealthy coping mechanisms, and the crucial need for partners to consider each other a priority.

Tune in to learn strategies for navigating early relationship phases, the importance of healing from past traumas, how to avoid projecting past experiences onto new partners, and how to foster ‘safety’ within relationships. You don’t want to miss this episode!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Relationships as a vehicle for growth.
  • How to navigate relationship challenges.
  • Tools to communicate needs and raise standards in relationships.
  • The art of listening and creating safe spaces.
  • How to navigate past relationship traumas.

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