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Compassionate Guide to Living Unfiltered & Unafraid with Rachel Luna

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When do you stop yourself from taking action due to fear?

This week, Ash sits down with Rachel Luna, an entrepreneur, certified master coach, and host of the Permission to Offend podcast. Rachel is here to discuss rejection, reframing your mindset, and stepping into a confident way of life.

Do you feel a constant desire to please others? Do you get told “your too much”? Or are you trapped in a state of striving for perfection? Tune in to learn which of the offenders you most resonate with. In this episode, Rachel outlines the four archetypes of offenders and how to navigate challenges and opportunities as a result.

Rachel and Ash discuss boundary setting, mindset tools to live life as your unfiltered sense, and much more.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to reframe your story and build new meaning to past events.
  • 4 Archetypes of people who offend and the framework within these styles of person.
  • Setting boundaries to benefit everyone involved.
  • Tools to graciously speak your truth without the fear of offending others.


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