Ashley Stahl

Creating a Sacred Union w/ Jamie Rae

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This week Ash reconnects with Jamie Rea, a spiritual teacher known for his work in relationship dynamics and personal transformation.

Jamie and Ash dive deep into life transitions, the energetic shift amid the change, and the concept of ‘home’ and how it changes over time. Jamie opens up about how to prepare for and build a sacred union in a romantic relationship. This episode is here if you are ready to build a deeper love in partnership or prepare yourself for a new relationship in the future filled with love and depth.

From ancestral trauma to twin flames and navigating karma…this episode is packed with answers to all your relationship dynamic questions. Don’t miss it!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Navigating life transitions and shifts in energy.
  • What happens when someone has leaky sexual energy?
  • How to create strong, energetic boundaries.
  • Releasing and breaking free from karma and ancestral trauma.
  • The role your ego plays in a relationship.
  • The Reality of polarity in a relationship.

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