Ashley Stahl

Healing Trauma Through Breathwork with Sam Skelly

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How often do you notice your breath?

This week, Ash invites back onto the show Sam Skelly. Sam is the founder of Pause Breathwork and author of Hungry For Happiness. Ash and Sam dive deep today with a conversation on healing trauma and how breathwork plays into this journey.

Trauma can occur in many ways and places of life and can heavily impact daily life. So how can you naturally and permanently heal? Sam shares the power of breathwork to heal trauma, preprogram the brain and naturally shift survival strategies.

While breathwork is a powerful inward experience, Sam also shares what external actions and practices to focus on for healing and expansion.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to incorporate breathwork into your daily life.
  • The science of breathwork and how it heals trauma.
  • The connection between childhood experiences and disease.
  • Tools to approach breathwork for success if you are just beginning or an expert.


Where to Find Sam Skelly:

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Get Sam’s Book: Hungry For Happiness



Scared Sick: Roll of Childhood Trauma by Robin Karr-Morse




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