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How To Build a Brand on LinkedIn with Hala Taha

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This week, Ash talks with Hala Taha, the “Podcast Princess”, host of the Young And Profiting podcast, and the founder and CEO of YAP media. Hala is here to share everything you need to know about building a brand using LinkedIn.

Hala and Ash discuss why you need to be on LinkedIn compared to other social platforms, how to DM cold leads without feeling sticky and build a brand that is fully aligned with you. Hala offers exact processes and scripts to connect with others and build your audience. Whether you are looking for actionable ways to build business leads or are ready to start building your professional brand, Hala has value for you.

This class is ultimately a mini masterclass on LinkedIn…don’t miss out!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to keep going even through the face of rejection.
  • Tips to get clear on your brand and polish your LinkedIn profile to communicate this effectively.
  • Why LinkedIn is the BEST platform for branding and career growth.
  • The law of likability: how to use this to build great connections.
  • How to create an offer that your audience can’t say no to.

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