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How to Build Lasting Love in 2024 with Bela Gandhi

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This week, Ash brings guest Bela Gandhi back onto the show to dive into relationships, dating, and love as we enter the new year. If you are ready to build lasting love in the new year, this episode is for you!

Bela shares how to move beyond the honeymoon phase, build a deep friendship within your romance, and navigate dating in today’s world. This episode is rich in insight and filled with loving guidance for your heart. Be sure to tune in!

Stick around to the end because Bela and Ash talk about ultimatums and why you do need them in your relationship.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Green flags for rules of engagement.
  • How to create a plan with your partner to manage conflict.
  • Insight to grow deeper in love after the honeymoon phase.
  • How to build a friendship in a romantic relationship.

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