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How To Embrace Changing Your Identity With Linda Rossetti

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In this episode, Ash talks with Linda Rossetti, a pioneering writer, researcher, and business leader recognized for her work in understanding transformation and growth in our adult lives.

Rossetti is the author of the book Dancing with Disruption. In this episode, she outlines her four-step approach to navigating life’s biggest changes – a technique called HALE, which involves honoring, asking, influencing, and learning.

Linda and Ash discuss the importance of self-acceptance and self-awareness in personal development and stress the need for a societal change in perspective, focusing on disruption not as a setback but as an inflection point for personal growth. Whether you are looking for insight on understanding your emotions better or are ready to take charge and make challenging choices.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to deal with the fear of change.
  • Tools to reset expectations and reimagine your identity.
  • The HAIL technique for managing emotions- like fear.
  • Insight on using and embracing disruption.

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