Ashley Stahl

How to Love Yourself w/ Margaret Paul

Do you feel emotionally shut off or disconnected from yourself?

This week, Ash talks with author Margaret Paul all about how to love yourself and create a deep inner bond. Throughout the episode, Margaret shares her 6 steps to inner bonding with yourself, that you can start today!

If your days are stressful or something challenging presents itself, having a strong sense of self will help you navigate these difficult times. Margaret and Ash talk through how to tune into your emotions, offer advice on letting people go, setting boundaries, and learning to recognize what you actually want.

The relationship you have with yourself will heavily impact the relationship you have with others. If you want to set boundaries, change a relationship, or share a need with someone in your life, Margaret shares exactly how to do this by staying connected to who you are.

This episode is a soulful and rich conversation that gives true self-love insight, it isn’t all bubble baths and chocolate boxes! Of course, don’t forget to stick around for the post-episode notes with Ash!


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  1. The 6 steps to inner bonding with yourself.
  2. Exercises to connect with your emotions.
  3. 2 intentions we have in life and how to navigate them.
  4. How to not lose yourself in relationships.



Inner Bonding by Margaret Paul

Diet For Divine Intervention by Margaret Paul


Where You Can Find Margaret Paul:



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