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How to Master Your Money with Tori Dunlap

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This week, Ash talks with Tori Dunlap, an American investor, the founder of ‘Her First $100K’, a financial education company, and the New York Times Best Selling Author of the book Financial Feminist all about how to master your money and build a life you love.

Tori and Ash discuss how to manifest specific desires, how to spend money without guilt, and break free from limiting beliefs that hold you back.

When it comes to thinking about finances, overwhelm may kick in. Tori walks through clear tips you can take to build wealth, reduce debt and engage with money in a healthy way. The topic of money may feel taboo, but Tori and Ash make it feel approachable, inspiring and dare we say…fun.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Tips to manifest quickly.

  • How to break out of playing start and begin living out the dream you have.

  • Tactical and practical tips to building wealth and reducing debt.

  • How to automate savings and payments with ease.

  • What to spend money on, and how to enjoy spending.

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