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How to Navigate Addiction in Relationships with Ana Mann

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What cage is your relationship currently trapped within?

This week Ash brings on guest Ana Mann to dive into the love category. Ana Mann is an educator, therapist, and coach of the go-givers marriage clients and is here to discuss the giant elephant in the room of relationships…addictions.

According to the addiction center, almost 21 million Americans have at least one addiction. So the chances of dating or being in a relationship with someone suffering from an addiction may be high. This addiction is very likely affecting your relationship, whether it is through alcohol, substance abuse, porn, or exercise.

Ana and Ash talk through what contributes to an addiction, how trauma plays into addiction, how this impacts romantic relationships and the types of people you attract due to addiction.


In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Signs your partner, or you, may have an addiction.
  • The roots of what causes addictions to exercise and food control.
  • Where trauma plays into addiction and how to heal.
  • Shopping addictions 101: the pattern of secretive shopping addictions and their impact on love.
  • Codependency in relationships with an addict.


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