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Overcome Gaslighting In Relationships w/ Dr. Amelia Kelley

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This week, Ash talks with Dr. Amelia Kelly, a trauma-informed therapist and author, all about the topic of gaslighting.

Dr. Amelia and Ash discuss the concept of gaslighting, its stages, and how it can occur in various relationship dynamics. Dr. Amelia underlines the harmful effects of gaslighting and emphasizes the pathways to become resilient and resist manipulation.

Dr. Amelia also shares advice on how to identify and protect oneself against gaslighting, ways to improve self-estee, and the importance of seeking support. Whether you have experienced someone who gaslights or manipulates in a relationship or you are wondering if you may be being manipulated in a relationship, this episode is a resource for you.

In this Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Gaslighting 101: what it is, how to notice it and leave.
  • Steps to heal from being in a relationship where you have experienced manipulation.
  • How to build self-esteem and confidence to protect yourself from gaslighting.
  • What the stages of gaslighting look like.

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