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The Journey to Financial Freedom with Jamila Souffrant

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This week, Ash talks to Jamila Souffrant, an educator in personal finance, author and podcast host of the Journey to Launch podcast and platform. If you want freedom in your finances, this episode is for you.

If you find yourself wondering whether to invest in stocks, IRA, 401K or real estate, Jamila breaks down the accounts you should start investing in first and how to maximize your incentives each step of the way. Whether you are looking for investment strategies or insight on upgrading your money mindset, this episode has something for you. Don’t miss this episode; your bank account will thank you!


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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Roth IRA, 401K and whether to save while you pay off debt
  • What you should start doing right now to build financial freedom
  • Framework to get to financial independence
  • How to invest wisely for the first time
  • A mindset to help you feel good spending money

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