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The Pathway to an Extraordinary Relationship with Annie Lalla

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This week, Ash has Annie Lalla on the show to uncover the pathway to an extraordinary relationship. Annie Lalla is a cartographer of love and works with clients to attract, create, and foster extraordinary relationships.

If you are questioning your relationship, Ash and Annie share how to tell if your intuition is telling you to leave or if it is fear getting in the way.

Whether you feel like a part of you is missing in your relationship or you are searching for guidance on building more profound love, this episode is here for you. Love can be a challenge, and this episode is here to help you be more equipped to succeed.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  1. How to know when it’s time to graduate and move forward from your relationship.
  2. Insight on how to consciously leave a relationship to prepare for the success of your next relationship.
  3. Navigating ambiguity in a relationship and knowing whether you should stay or leave.

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