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The Science Behind Creativity & How to Bring Creativity into Your Career with Susan Magsamen and Ivy Ross

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In this episode, Ash talks with two special guests, Susan Magsamen, and Ivy Ross, about the power of evoking your creativity in your career. Susan is the founder and director of the Internal Arts + Mind Lab Center for Applied Neuroaesthetics at the Pedersen Brain Science Institute of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. And Ivy is the Vice President for hardware at Google. And Together, they have written the amazing book Your Brain on Art.

Whether you are hitting a creative block or are looking for ways to bring more art into your life…this episode is for you! Ivy and Susan dive into the science behind creativity, the power of play, and how to use art as a way to move through challenging experiences and traumatic events.

You don’t have to be the next Picasso for art to improve your life. Art and creativity have the power to improve your brain and your wellness; tune in to learn more!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What is neuroaesthetics, and why should you be tapping into this for your career and life in general.
  • How to tap into more creativity.
  • Actionable ways to implement creativity and art into your daily life.
  • Self-soothing practices to reduce stress and tension.
  • Neurarts studies better to understand the power of art and the human experience.

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