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What Is Spiritual Hypnosis? With Chelsea Krost

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This week, Ash talks with guest Chelsea Krost. Chelsea is an advanced hypnotherapy practitioner, top 20 LinkedIn instructor, and marketing expert here to discuss spiritual hypnosis.

Have you ever wondered what hypnosis is all about? Chelsea shares the background, impact, and power of engaging in hypnosis. Ash and Chelsea explore the benefits of moving through different brain states, how to step into a theta state, and what insights can be found within hypnosis.

Chelsea informs that hypnosis is not mind control – you are completely in control of what you say and do during spiritual hypnosis. It is a powerful clinical tool to access the subconscious mind, release limiting beliefs, or create space to achieve specific goals. Whether you are intrigued to learn more about hypnosis or excited to learn how to use this tool for creating abundance in your life, this episode has something for you!

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What spiritual hypnosis is, and how to use it for positive changes in your life.
  • Past life regressions, getting into a trans state.
  • 4 Brain waves gamma, beta, alpha, theta- what they mean and how you exist within them.
  • Stepping out of a fixed mindset into a state of inspiration.

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