Ashley Stahl

What Kind of Leadership Personality Do You Have? with Ophira Edut

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What type of leader do you want to show up as each day?

In this week’s episode, Ash sits down with Ophira Edut, an entrepreneur, and co-founder, with her twin sister, of Astrostyle a professional astrologer source who reaches millions worldwide, and the official astrologer for ELLE magazine.

Ophira breaks down what an influencer, authority, and maven are and how to use your personality type to build a successful career. If you are looking for personalized guidance on how to be a better leader, optimize your work life and show up as the best version of yourself, this episode is for you!

In this Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • What the IAM Method is and how you can use this to your career advantage.
  • What the stars locations and your birth time have to do with your personality.
  • Insight into what your skillsets naturally are.
  • Ways to create peak working conditions based on your personality.


Where to Find Ophira:

Take the IAM Method assessment:




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