Regarding your plans

Have you ever felt as though the rug was ripped beneath you?
Maybe someone broke up with you.
Maybe you lost your job.
Maybe someone passed away.
When life hits you upside the head, it’s only natural to feel a sense of groundlessness; to feel as though you’re floating; to feel as though your life has completely unraveled.

…I’ve been there. And I get it.
And it’s during those times where — with desperation — we often try to find ground, and we search for plans. Because any plan feels better than no plan. Because plans make us feel safe and put together in the world.

…But are they guaranteed? Nope.
So here’s the reality: when you feel groundless, you are actually closer to what’s real in life.

And the highest level of love that you can give to yourself during times of groundlessness is to foster a willingness to get comfortable with it.

Are you holding onto that relationship because you’re afraid you won’t find someone else? Are you stuck in a job you hate, but convincing yourself that it’s the “safe” choice? Are you staying comfortable because making a change feels like it would unravel your life?
Stop holding onto plans for the sake of having them.

I’ve got news for you: we’re all floating. THAT is what’s real.
Don’t resist being groundless. Make peace with it. Make friends with it. Shoot, perhaps you can even enjoy it.
Life loves you. And so do I.



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