Ashley Stahl


What Career Path

is actually a fit for you?

Ashley Stahl is known...

for her ability to navigate difficult topics with audiences through her humor, vulnerability and actionable tools.

She’s a counterterrorism professional turned thought-leader, best selling author, and career coach. She provides keynotes, breakout sessions and workshops on the following career development topics:

Don’t do what you are, do what you love… Ashley will help your audience discover their purpose at work, and their most aligned career path. This means focusing more on one’s natural skillset and less on one’s passions or interests. She’ll show you how.

Rock Bottom is a sacred place, and your pain can become a trampoline into your next level… if you let it. Ashley is here to show you how you can harness your failures and challenges at work as a tool to get your next level, whether you’re bouncing back from a layoff, making a career pivot or wanting to improve your performance.

Mindset & Fulfillment
Clients have come to Ashley from around the world to get “un-stuck” in their careers, but Ashley argues that they’re not really stuck; it’s just their thinking that is. Join Ashley to discover her top mind shifts you need to implement to get un-stuck and create a career that really lights you up. It’s time to get out of what you “should” be doing so that you can start enjoying the journey now.

Charisma + Influence
What’s really going on when someone “owns the room”? Is this a natural gift, or a learned ability? Join Ashley to learn her fascination formula, where she’ll show you what it takes to truly fascinate and leave a lasting impression, whether you’re in a job interview or client presentation.

Leadership + Management
Some leaders think their team works for them, but if you’re a true leader, you must realize that it’s the other way around: you are here to work for your team. Ashley will help you learn how to create more collaboration, inspiration and results from your team. This means discovering her top 10 motivators at work, and stepping into more connection with the people who work for you.

Generational Differences In The Workplace
Gen X ( born 1965- 1980) values hard work and climbing the corporate ladder, Gen Y (born 1980-2000) values smart ideas and impact, and Gen Z (born 2000 onwards) values technology disruption and one on one connection… While it’s hard to generalize human beings, it’s fair to say each generation in the workplace is marked by different focuses and priorities… So how do we all get along? How do we retain employees? How do we stay engaged at work? Join Ashley to find out.

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Appearances and Keynotes

  • UCLA Alumni, Keynote Speaker
  • IBM, Keynote Speaker
  • LEVO, Featured Speaker
  • TEDxBerkeley, Speaker
  • University of Southern California, Guest Lecturer
  • VAULT Conference by Steve Harvey, Speaker
  • Lean In Los Angeles, Keynote Speaker
  • San Francisco Spinsters, Keynote Speaker
  • California State University, Los Angeles, Keynote Speaker
  • California State University, Channel Islands, Keynote Speaker
  • University of Redlands, Speaker
  • California Phi Beta Lambda, Keynote Speaker
  • MGM Resorts International
  • TEDxLeidenUniversity
  • Words of Peace Institute
  • Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • GirlTalk Festival
  • Property Council New Zealand
  • SoFi
  • Fidelity
  • American Dental Association
  • Unbeatable Summit with Mark Divine
  • WPIX TV New York, NY