The Best Remote Jobs Opportunities In 2020

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In the past decade, remote work has grown over 159%.

The ability to work remotely is quickly moving from being a privilege to a standard that companies need to support in order to retain top talent.

With commute times averaging 52 minutes per a day (the longest in history), and open office environments creating distractions and a dip in productivity, it is no wonder so many employees want the option to work remotely from home.

Not all jobs are there yet, but what once was simply a perk for freelancers has expanded to careers that would never have dreamed of leaving the office.

As a career coach, I found that many clients come to me without knowing the various careers that exist. We grow up being exposed to a limited list of options, when in fact, there are thousands of careers to pursue. And the even better news is, more and more of them are becoming remote-friendly. Here are five of the top remote careers and industries to consider for 2020.

1. Front End Engineer

What they do: A front-end engineer is responsible for selecting, installing and testing the user interface elements of a website. This is all about the look, feel and functionality of the website and largely contributes to the user experience of what you see online. Since the vast majority of the work is done on a laptop, that means you and your laptop can be just about anywhere while you work.

Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in computer science, or a relevant area, is typically required. However, some companies will hire a candidate with work experience in lieu of formal training or a degree. If you are looking to go back to school and create a career that is fully remote, a computer science skill set is a promising path to pursue.

Median salary: $105,240

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

2. Occupational Therapist

It may be a surprise to see health care professional careers on the remote work list, but this is an area of the industry that is projected to grow over the coming years.

What they do: Therapists offer virtual web conferencing support to work one-on-one with clients or to educate larger groups on health topics.

If you have been in a doctor’s office recently when a remote doctor or physical calls in, they are working remotely while providing adequate health care. With over 96% of health care systems planning to implement virtual health career options, remote work is projected to skyrocket in the next 12 months.

Median salary: $74,339

Requirements: Master’s Degree and Therapy licensing

3. Corporate Recruiter

If you have strong communication skills and powerful attention to detail, becoming a corporate recruiter may be a good fit.

What they do: This career involves hunting out top talent to recruit for new positions within large and small companies. This job requires doing a great deal of support work for human resources and vetting out potential candidates.

Qualifications: Given that online job searching has doubled since 2005, candidate recruitment has become a heavily remote career path. A bachelor’s degree in human resources, marketing or business is a great plus, however, if you are willing to showcase your skill sets of problem-solving and a keen ability to vet people out quickly, you may be able to work around an absence of a degree and land a great remote job.

Median salary: $65,607

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources

4. Financial Analyst

If you want to help clients invest and grow their finances for long term stability and financial wealth pursuing a career as a financial analyst may be for you.

What they do: Although a great deal of a financial analyst job is to assess the performance of various stocks, bonds, and financial investments, they also carry strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate clearly with clients. After all, emotions run high when it comes to big financial wins and losses, and being able to work with people during these times is a delicate dance.

Qualifications: A bachelor’s degree in finance or business is required and many analysts historically have gone on to receive master’s degrees as well. But, the sky’s the limit in this field since you can do anything from work for banks, insurance companies and businesses to starting your own advising firm.

Median salary: $71,334

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance

5. Compliance Officer

If you hold integrity or justice as a core value, and you’re comfortable in conflict management and assessing risk, becoming a compliance officer may be the career path for you.

What they do: As a compliance officer, you are responsible for ensuring that the company complies with all internal policies and any outside regulatory and legal requirements. In the event that operations don’t meet the established standards be ready to have a few difficult conversations and bring to light potential issues and gaps within the business.

This is a very important role for any organization that completes submissions to the FDA or is required to meet government standards and policies prior to releasing products. Pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies are a great place to look for remote work as a compliance officer. Along with a bachelor’s degree in law, finance, or business management, having a deep understanding of the laws in your niche industry are vital to success.

Median Salary: $84,784

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Law or Business Management

When asked as a kid what you wanted to be when you grow up, none of these jobs were likely something you chose, let alone knew existed. But, they each carry a specific set of skill sets and benefits that may fit with what makes you unique to the workforce.

As the remote workforce continues to grow, don’t let yourself be limited to the job options that exist for stay at home or travel employment. Start looking for jobs that meet both your career and lifestyle goals.


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