What we’re loving this week.. (a podcast you need to tune into!)

Here are three things we love this week.

1. Podcast: Stop Trying to Please Everyone But Yourself – Amy E. Smith

What is it: Amy E. Smith, founder of TheJoyJunkie.com discusses ways for us to stop saying yes to everyone, and how to set healthy boundaries.

Why we love it: We know that setting boundaries is a healthy habit, but how do we get past that feeling of feeling guilty for setting them?  This podcast helps to put our feelings into perspective.

2. News Article: How Successful People Set Boundaries at Work,

Dana Gionta and Dan Guerra, Inc.com, Apr 8, 2015

What it is: Defining the skill of setting boundaries in the workplace, learning how to take responsibility for someone else’s job and protecting our physical energy.

Why we love it: If you are one of those people who loved receiving gold stars from your teachers, or parents.  This article will help you understand why setting boundaries at work are essential.

3. Quote:

What it is: Quote from Brene Brown, author of one of our favorite books: Daring Greatly

Why we love it:  A great reminder that setting boundaries is one of the best ways to practice loving ourselves.

We hope your week is as shiny as you are!



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