When Perfection Isn’t Good Enough (3 Things We Love This Week)

1. Ted Institute Talk: Perfectionism Holds Us Back. Here’s Why.

What is it:  This is not a speech by a psychologist or career coach; Charly Haversat is the Vice President of Alternative Investments at State Street. This is a real world look at how our obsession with perfection holds us back from finding the career that we love.

Why we love it: Perfectionism is an “all or nothing” problem Perfectionist don’tbother with leisure activities, they are focused on their work. They hold people to impossibly high standards. We encourage you to find your “perfect” career, but “perfect” does not mean a career without challenges and growth. It means that you find a career that provides you with the utmost joy, ability to grow, and the least amount of worry and self-doubt.

Where to find it: https://www.ted.com/watch/ted-institute/ted-state-street/charley-haversat-perfectionism-holds-us-back

2. Online Article: 7 Signs You Are a Perfectionist & Why That’s OK

What it is: An article from the online blog, Bustle. The article lists seven signs that will help you determine if you are a perfectionist. It also gives a detailed description for each of the seven signs and lists the ways that they may manifest themselves in your life. It has an extra bonus, a FREE online perfectionist test from Psychology Today. The author, Erica Florentine is a communications coordinator. She is also a freelance writer who covers topics from health and wellness to relationships, celebrities, and local politics.

Why we love it: If you find yourself frequently explaining to people, “well, I’m a perfectionist.” Read this article to understand how to decrease the stress that you put on yourself, and learn to be “OK with outcomes that aren’t exactly to your liking.” There is nothing wrong with being a perfectionist. However, it does not define who you are. Don’t be too hard on yourself!

Where to find it: https://www.bustle.com/articles/141016-7-signs-you-are-a-perfectionist-why-thats-ok

3. Quote: “Perfectionism is Self-Abuse of the Highest Order”– Anne Wilson Shaef


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Why We Love It: Perfectionism can overwhelm us and often cause us to spend way more energy on projects then we need to. When you learn to recognize the signs of perfectionism, you can stop judging yourself and give yourself a break.

We hope your week is as shiny as you are!



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