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What Career Path

is actually a fit for you?

Ashley knows that one of the most lasting ways to impact people is through a deep dive workshop, and she is committed to creating unique and innovative content that changes the way people think, both in their career and their lives.

WORKSHOP #1: Design Your Dream Career

Don’t just “follow your passion” and do what you love; instead, do what you are.

In this workshop Ashley walks through the 10 Core Skill Sets she has identified in the workforce and helps you understand what your primary and secondary skill set are.

When you are operating in your zone of genius, that aspect of yourself that is so natural and innate for you, work becomes more fulfilling and enjoyable. The trick is, it’s difficult to see where we’re gifted, and thus Ashley is here to help!

In this workshop, Ashley walks listeners through exercises to reconnect with who they truly are, their natural skills, and what interests they have that are meant to be a career path versus a simple hobby. The goal of this workshop? To dig deep and reach the truth of who you are— your values, natural skills and interests– and turn them into a career path that fulfills and inspires you.

Join Ashley to unlock your skillset, identify your core values and determine how to use your primary motivator to design your dream career.

Workshop #2: Be The Most Resourceful Person In The Room

One of the biggest blocks for creativity is not being connected to yourself. Since resourcefulness and creativity often go hand-in-hand, it’s time to put these two forces together to tap into your ultimate potential.

Join Ashley for a workshop on how to reconnect to that creative genius that lives inside of you so that you can get out of your own way and be the innovative problem solver and creator you were always meant to be.

Whether you are a changemaker, artist, or entrepreneur, this workshop will help you step into and fully express or share your gifts with the world.

Workshop #3: Resilience 101: How To Become Unshakeable

Rock bottom is a sacred place, and yet, your pain can become a trampoline to launch you into your next level of life…if you let it.

Plus, we are always in some form of transition.

SO who are you when you’re making a change? How do you make choices to be fulfilled and empowered?

Whether you are going through a layoff, career pivot, or challenging life transition, embodying resilience will make the journey more manageable.

Ashley’s 4 step healing framework accelerates your ability to process events faster, create positive meaning from any situation, and harness your failures as a tool to get to your next level.

In this workshop, you will find out how to get unstuck, bounce back from failure and own who you are– or who you want to be– in your next career or life move.

Workshop #4: Fulfillment & Mindset

If you’ve found yourself saying you’re stuck, know this: you’re not stuck… but your thinking is!

Join Ashley to explore the 5 key mind shifts you need to make right now in order to get out of what you think you “should” be doing so you can start enjoying the journey.

In this workshop, Ashley explores the two key ingredients to a fulfilling career and life: the “what” and the “how.” The “what” relates to your natural gifts and talents, and how you’re bringing them into the world. The “how” is about your core values and the principles by which you live your life.

This workshop will help you dig deep into who you are and how to create a truly fulfilling career and life. Ashley believes that your purpose changes over time, but when you know who you are beneath all of it, fulfillment becomes a science as much as it is an art.

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